What is resolution?

Print Resolution is simply the level of detail in a printed image. Higher resolution means higher detail, and can be measured in dots per inch (DPI). The more dots (of ink) that are printed per inch, the higher the resolution of the image – therefore the higher the quality in terms of sharpness and detail. When it comes to printing, resolution is super important, as a high-quality image looks beautiful and professional, whereas a low-resolution image looks fuzzy, indistinct and completely unprofessional.

When you’re creating your source image (the image you want to be printed), make sure it has a suitable resolution. A general rule: the higher the resolution, the better the image. You can always scale down in size, but never scale up; at least not without losing quality. Make sure your image has the highest resolution and image dimensions you can get. The only consideration is that you’ll need different resolutions depending on how large the printed image will be, where it will be displayed, and how it will be printed. When it comes to source images, bigger is always better.